Custom Development

Our Custom Adapter Service

We can build an adapter to meet your project timeline at minimum costs.

We are ready to help you with your custom development needs. Our team members work remotely on your adapter project while ensuring the line of communication is continuously active. This process can save clients travel and lodging expenses while delivering top-notch solutions on time.

You can call us directly or submit your needs on our contact page to get started. Upload your adapter specification document and, if applicable, a sample file or format specifying the test data. Include your project timeline and how fast you expect to receive your developed adapter.

Our engineering team will contact you after analyzing your adapter requirements to get more details if needed. They will let you know if your request is doable.

We will assign a project manager to provide you with the cost and the expected delivery date and draft an initial Statement of Work (SOW) for your approval. We deliver all adapters with installation packages, documentation, and test scenarios with test data.

Database Adapters

This application moves data between files and databases. It can also automatically transform file data during this process.

Files Adapters

We design business processes to transform and move the content of multiple files into various databases.

Custom Adapters

We develop all kinds of multi-platform custom adapters to keep your project on time and under budget.

HL7/ X12 Adapters

We can build adapters that run as processes to transform your HL7 and X12 data to any format to fit your business needs.

Data Conversion

With incredible speed and efficiency, we can build data conversion adapters to transform data from one format into another.

Integration Adapter

Using the TCP/IP and FTP (file transfer protocols), we can develop middleware adapters for client and server integration.

We Are Ready to Help You with Your Custom Development Needs

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