Who We Are

MSASO is a software technology company that develops software to make a difference in people’s lives by improving the patient-provider experience. We are a group of healthcare integration professionals with over 25 years of experience in HL7 integration, interfaces, data conversion, data validation, and complicated problem solutions.

Our main goal is to provide healthcare organizations with innovative HL7 technology. Healthcare information management, in general, lags technically behind other industries. Therefore, we are taking it upon ourselves to introduce the latest technology to this space to benefit patients, providers, and all supporting staff.

With our extensive experience in this field, we see the significant challenges most hospitals and healthcare organizations face during their daily operation. Especially the challenges that impact getting timely patient information to providers. We analyze all analytical HL7 products and engines today and discover what they are missing in addressing the most needed challenges. Then, we develop solutions for the required solutions and add them to our various products.

To summarize, we complement all EHR systems, HL7 Analytical tools, and HL7 integration engines used today in healthcare organizations.

How We Can Help

Innovative Products

We have developed the fastest loading, searching, converting, and comparing HL7 products to support front-line caretakers. Try it yourself and see how we make your HL7 life much easier.

Data Conversion

Let us help you with your data migration and data conversion. We can filter and convert your HR data, ERP data, HL7 data, database report data, Excel file data, and other types of file data.

Custom Development

Do you need to develop a custom adapter for a specific workflow or project? With our technology, we can build you a free proof-of-concept adapter.

Solutions and Consulting

We use our ingenious software products to customize solutions and deliver them in a timely manner with minimal cost. Most our consulting services can be accomplished remotely.

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