Let Us Help You With Your Business IT Needs

Data Conversion

Let us help with your data migration and conversion. We can filter and convert your HR data, ERP data, HL7 data, database report data, Excel file data, and other types of file data.

Custom Development

Do you need more resources? Does your project have a limited budget? Is consulting costs hindering your project completion? We can help with our custom adapters.

Consulting Services

We use our software products to customize solutions and deliver them in a timely manner with minimal cost. Most our consulting services can be accomplished remotely.

Product Training

We offer free product training and consultations. We can also enhance our products with the functionalities you need to get the job done.

Online Classes

We offer free classes to address real-world scenarios that deal with emerging patient care issues. We also provide solutions for some of the most tedious HL7 support issues.

Customer Support

Reporting issues are handled electronically using the “Contact” page. We promptly provide resolutions for reported issues. PHI data cannot be accepted.

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